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S&A Venture offers a wide range of environmentally-conscious energy solutions related to new and existing structures. The main areas of consulting that S&A Venture will offer are:

Solar Photovoltaic Panel : 
Photovoltaics (PV) is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic power generation employs solar panels composed of a number of solar cells containing a photovoltaic material. Materials presently used for photovoltaics include monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, cadmium telluride, and copper indium gallium selenide/sulfide. Due to the growing demand for renewable energy sources, the manufacturing of solar cells and photovoltaic arrays has advanced considerably in recent years. More than 100 countries use solar PV. Installations may be ground-mounted (and sometimes integrated with farming and grazing) or built into the roof or walls of a building (either building-integrated photovoltaicsor simply rooftop). we will offer this panel to all our customers either to buy on or lease basis.

Save Electricity
Reduce Electricity Bills
Environment Friendly
Safe and Secure

Solar Panel Services Portfolio Rating (W) Benefits
Solar panel Integration System for Commercial /Residential Consumers:

1.Solar Panel



4.Solar Charge Controller

5.LT Panel

6.Mounting Structure

7.Cabling,Installation, Designing and EPC.

1 KW


1 MW







Energy and cost saving

Government Subsidy


Guaranteed for 25 yrs.

10 yrs product warranty

Return on Investment in 8-12 Month

3 years service free By S&A Venture.

Solar Water Heater Technical Specification Capacity (Lts) Benefits
Material Inner tank: SUS304-2B 0.4mm thickness
Bracket Material Galvanized steel 1.5mm
Heat preservation 72-80h
Insulation 50mm foaming
Tube standards 15, 18, 20, 24,30 , or 36 tubes with 47/58mm diameter and 1.5&1.8m length
Absorption rate ≥93%, Heat radiation rate: ≤6%(100° C)
Angle   25,38,45°






Stable and reliable performance.

Well wind and snow resistance.

High quality imported and aluminum zinc plated steel board.

A long time of heat preservation.

Meeting the requirement of washing clothes, aspersion and bathing.

Warranty- 5years Life span- 15 yrs. Free Service & maintenance- 1 yr.

Solar Garden/Street Lights Services Rating (W) Warranty Benefits
1.Solar Panel


3.Charge Controller


5.With Pole/Without Pole

6.Led Lights









Life Span

Solar Panel 5 Years Product
10 Years 90% &
25 Years 80% of
25 Years


3 Years 5-8 years

Led Lamp

3 Years 5-8 years
3 Years 8-10 years
Pole 3 Years 20 Years

Energy and cost saving

Easy to use

Reduced your electric bills

24 hours light available on your home, garden and road

1 yearfree Service & Maintenance

Product Description Service

Solar mobile

Weight- 150g-250g
Benefits- Cost Saving &
cheap,Universal, co-Friendly

1year maintenance &
service with null cost

Solar Folded

You can use this products anywhere&
EverywhereCost Saving, Payback
within 8 to 12 Month&Life
span25 years

1year maintenance &
service with null cost
Solar bulb Eco-friendly, Portable,
good back-up Cost Saving,
Payback within 8 to 12Month
1year maintenance &
service with null cost
Solar Mosquito
Killer Lamp

You can use this lamp
Your room ,roof top & Garden
Cost Saving, Payback within 8 to 12Month

1year maintenance &
service with null cost
Solar water
Good for life style,
Cost Saving, Payback within
8 to 12 Month 30% Govt. subsidy
1year maintenance &
service with null cost
Solar Street
Pole of M.S. material with powder coating and
height 5 meters, luminaries with inbuilt
charge controller and dusk to down controller
3years maintenance &
service with null cost
Solar Water
Capacity-50 -500 liter
Life span- 10 years
Warranty- 5 years
Benefits- 10 -12 hrs running hot water,
Cost Saving, Payback within
8 to 12 Month 30% Govt. subsidy.

1year maintenance &
service with null cost
Solar Laptop
Easy to use , cost effective &
you can charge your laptop any where
Cost Saving, Payback within 8 to 1Month
1year maintenance &
service with null cost
Solar Inverter
With Meter
Solar inverter with meter
Secure & Cost effective
Running back-up 10-12 hrs
Cost Saving, Payback within 8 - 12Month
1year maintenance &
service with null cost
Solar Fridge solar fridge can operate on Solar power
&Life span- 10 years warranty 25 years
Payback within 8 to 1Month 30% Govt. subsidy.
3years maintenance &
service with null cost
Solar Fan AC/DC charging option
Cost Saving, Payback within 8 to 1Month
1year maintenance &
service with null cost
Solar LED
Eco-friendly, portable &
Cost Saving, Payback within 8 - 12Month
1year maintenance &
service with null cost
Solar Garden
Cost Saving, Payback within 8 to 1Month
1year maintenance &
service with null cost
S&A Venture Inc. Provides
Free 3 years Maintenance & Service.
Solar panel with Inverter, Battery, Controller & Cable.
10 years product warranty.
25 years product life span.
100% Assistance to get advantage of Indian Exchange for PV Installation.
30% total Subsidy/Discount on the price of panel
Pan India branches to help our customers.
All solar energy products at competitive market price.
Help is one call away

Smart Meter : 
A smart meter is usually an electrical meter that records consumption of electric energy in intervals of an hour or less and communicates that information at least daily back to the utility for monitoring and billing purposes. [7] Smart meters enable two-way communication between the meter and the central system. Unlike home energy monitors, smart meters can gather data for remote reporting. Such an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) differs from traditional automatic meter reading (AMR) in that it enables two-way communications with the meter. This Smart meter will be available to our customers who are willing to track their electricity consumption and reduce the energy bill.

Benefits of Smart Meter
Know how much is being spent on electricity - before getting the bill
Learn what steps can be taken to reduce electric bills up to 30%
Receive alerts when appliances or lights have been left on
Receive 'circuit over capacity' alert, preventing potential power outage or fire
Receive real-time alerts when appliance's power usage suggests it is in need of maintenance or replacement
See what appliances are using energy, even when they are off, and how much they are costing you
Monitor renewable energy production and usage from a single interface (requires upgrade)
Plug into smart grid initiatives : link to smart meters, accept and display time-based rates and participate     in demand response programs, when available.

Thermal Energy Storage: 

Thermal energy storage comprises a number of technologies that store thermal energy in energy storage reservoirs for later use. They can be employed to balance energy demand between day time and night time. The thermal reservoir may be maintained at a temperature above (hotter) or below (colder) that of the ambient environment. The applications today include the production of ice, chilled water, or eutectic solution at night, or hot water which is then used to cool / heat environments during the day.This product is for all residential or commercial installed on their rooftop as an alternative to existing A.C.

Benefits of thermal energy storage
Reduces cooling costs by up to 40 percent by shifting a building’s energy demand from on-peak to off-peak electric       times.
Thermal energy storage is lowest cost form of energy storage.
With a partial energy storage system, engineers can specify chillers at 50 to 60 percent of the previous size,       reducing capital outlays.
The size and cost of air handlers, motors, ducts, and pumps can be reduced by 20 to 40 percent.
Energy Storage lowers the relative humidity within a building and, as a result, occupants feel comfortable even if the       thermostat is set at a higher, more cost-saving setting.
Increases a building’s load factor so less-expensive energy rates can be negotiated with energy providers.
Energy Storage can be added to an existing chiller system to increase cooling capacity and reduce cooling costs.
Energy storage provides a quantifiable return on investment.
Building owners can use thermal energy storage as a load shifting response tool and reduce peak demand in       response to price signals with little if any impact on building occupants.

Universal Mobile Charger : 
This Charger is to reduce the energy consumed by existing electric charged Mobile. Solar cell phone chargers use solar panels to charge cell phone batteries. They are an alternative to conventional electrical cell phone chargers and in some cases can be plugged into an electrical outlet. Typical aspects of the plan are outlining Metros, 2 Tier Cities or Villages which are not yet electrified, developing a network which will supply this chargers to all targeted customers.

Energy Saving
Easy to use
Eco friendly

Power Trading Consultancy :
This focuses on the consultation of Power trading across country, Captive Generatorand renewable generators which are willing to sell or buy Power. We will provide information where to sell and buy power at optimised rate.