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How S&A Venture will help an Individual?
S&A Venture will contact the individual depending upon the requirement and on accepted terms and conditions S&A Venture will install Solar panel
Is Solar cost effective?
Yes, you will start getting the returns from the day solar panelinstalled on your roof. For more detailed analysis mail us your latest three months electricity bill at
How much Energy it will save?
Depending upon your energy consumption, it will save 70%-80% of your average electricity bill cost. S&A Venture will forecast saving of energy for 12 months depending on your previous 12 months energy consumption.
Will it work in rainy or cloudy days?
Yes, it will work but with less efficiency or you can use our energy storage device .
How Solar Panel will be transported?
S&A Venture will deliver the products at your location by local transport company.
What are the payment options?
S&A Venture accepts all mode of payments
How to reach S&A Venture for technical Support?
S&A Venture have 24/7 technical support, you can directly contact us, we would love to hear from you.
How solar works? Is it safe to use?
Solar panel installed on your roof will convert sun's energy to electrical energy which will be connected to existing electrical board at your place. Yes it is 100% safe as it is an Eco friendly product.
Where can we use it?
Solar panel is easy to use and it can be installed at following places,
2.Outside of your home
3.On stands/pillar
Can we use additional solar panel on our roof top?
Yes! You can use number of panel as per your requirement.
Is my home solar friendly?
S&A Venture will visit to your place and check whether your home or office is in right directions(Sun rays) as required to install the panel.
What if my solar panel stop working?
S&A Venture has expert Solar professionals who will repair the panel and still if it will not work, get replace under warranty.
Can I monitor my energy consumption?
Yes! You can Monitor your energy consumption by S&A Inc's Smart Energy Meter. This meter has unique feature of displaying energy consumptions of all electric conencted appliances . For more information please contact.
Can I store energy?
Yes! You can Store your energy consumption by S&A Inc's Storing Devices. The Devices have unique feature of storing energy which can be utilized for future purpose . For more information please contact.
What if I have to sell my solar panel?
Yes, you can sell your solar panel at a depriciated cost of your equipment.
Is solar charger useful for all mobile phones?
Yes! It's an Universal Solar Mobile charger, you can use it for all mobile phones.
What will be the battery back-up of Solar mobile charger?
Solar mobile chargers provide battery back-up for atleast 8hrs and you can use it during night as the cells of charger store the energy which can be utilize for later period of time.