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1 kW OFF Grid SPV Plant at MAA Khandwari College Varanasi :
Net Zero Plant meets the energy requirement for 20 Fans, 20 Lights & 2         Computers.
Administrative Office functioning wholly on self generated Solar.
Diesel Generator Replaced by Solar
20 KW OFF-Grid SPV at Akola (Maharashtra)
Net Zero Hotel Premises Meets the energy Requirement for 15Ton of              Computers.AC,Computer,Lighting,Ventilation,Office Equipment & Water
Saving of CO2 Emissions.
Reduced Power consumption from the grid
Uninterrupted power supply
More than 50 Homes in UP, Varanasi and Maharashtra
Reduced Dependency on Diesel Generator.
Free Electricity for 24 Hours.
Less Maintenance.
Payback in 3 Years.
100 Street Lights at Chandauli (UP)
High efficiency Luminous Lighting.
Rural Electrification Under Central Government Scheme
Less Maintenance
Highest Warranty
5000 Solar Water Heater at Amravati (Maharashtra)
24*7 Hot water in All Seasons.
Replaced Geyser Load
Reduced Power Consumption form the grid
Maintenance Free System
Inexpensive, Safe and Reliable
Total Installed Capacity > 100 KW
Proposed Installations > 170 KW all across Maharashtra, UP, and Chhattisgarh

Power Trading Consultancy :
This focuses on the consultation of Power trading across country, Captive Generatorand renewable generators which are willing to sell or buy Power. We will provide information where to sell and buy power at optimised rate.